Lady Gaga Wants To Be A Design Teacher

Anyone who’s ever sat through a college class knows it’s hard enough to pay attention without the added distraction of a professor who’s dressed like amazing from one of Tim Burton’s acid flashbacks.

In spite of, Lady Gaga has applied for a teaching job at New York University, and I say it’s about time. If more of my professors had lectured while hanging from the upper limit in full leather bondage gear, maybe I would’ve actually learned something in school.

Yesterday, a friend of Gaga’s exposed that the freaky singer is actively seeking a position at NYU’s Parsons School for Design. “She wants to use her fashion sense and avant garde art obsession to launch an academic career,” the friend told a UK newspaper.

“Nothing has been finalized yet, but she’d like to teach in the fashion design program. She thinks teaching would make people see she is much more than just a flamboyant pop star.”

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