Rachel Zoe sparks the dazzling 10carat diamond ring

Some new mothers are happy with maybe a good night’s sleep or a bunch of flowers after giving birth.

But for celebrities like Rachel Zoe, 39, they take delivery of a whole lot more in the form of a ‘push present’.

Rachel Zoe was presented with a huge 10-carat Neil Lane diamond ring from her husband Rodger Berman.

The couple celebrated the birth of their son Skyler Morrison six weeks ago and are enjoying in being new parents.

But Berman it seems that wanted to give Zoe amazing special to thank her for giving birth to their son.

And at nearly $300,000 – it is a a very special gift certainly. Skyler weighed in at 6lb 12oz which means the ‘push present’ was more than a carat a pound.

She flashed the enormous ring yesterday while celebrating her first Mother’s Day with Berman during an outdoor meal.

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