Music around the world’ has been introduced to Fairmont students

More than 25 kids, siblings, mothers and grandmothers attended the 2nd Annual Mommy & Me, "Music Around the World" event held in recent times at the Anaheim Hills campus of Fairmont Private Schools.

The event, which took place in the school’s soundproof music studio, was an audience participatory musical journey to America, Jamaica, South Africa, Thailand, Wales, Israel, England and West Africa.

Activities included singing songs, listening to stories, and dancing and playing instruments representing the various countries. The kids had the chance to hear the sounds and feel the rhythm as they played such musical instruments as maracas or one of the 14 African tubano drums.

Kids and parents joined hands to form a circle, patted their legs and waved their hands in the air as they cultured a dance similar to a traditional Jewish folk dance.

The program culminated with spare time for the kids to play with the school’s full set of children xylophones, called Orff instruments. Participants each received a special musical instrument, a woodblock, to take home and play the songs learned during the program.

"We know that these experiences at the early childhood level are important for their social, emotional, logical and physical growth," said SarahLynn Zavoral, music specialist. "It also helps lay the basis for when we teach them music literacy in the elementary grades."

Fairmont Private Schools offers program for preschool through eighth grades. The schools also offer summer camp programs.

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