Krystal Meyers song “Shine” released to radio

Pop artist Krystal Meyers made some big noise this week, as “Shine,” the first single from her September 16, 2008 release, Make Some Noise, received 9 CHR adds by its first week at radio. Meyers shares the inspiration behind the song that is making fast-impact. “That’s my favorite song on the record and it’s so fun to play live,” enthuses Meyers. “Recently, I’ve really learned that I have to be excellent in all that I do. I need to use the talents and opportunities that God has given me, to the fullest extent possible. The line from the song that says ‘nobody’s going to get in the way of my shine,’ definitely sums up what this song is about. I’m blessed to be on this exciting journey, and I’m not going to let anything get in the way of my shine.”

Download "Shine" at iTunes!

Read our interview with Krystal here.

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