Western drum musical instruments

A beat is a musical instrument in the drumming family, technically classified as a membranophone. Play the drums consist of at least one casing, called a "drumhead" or "drum skin", that is extended over a shell and struck, moreover directly with parts of a player’s body, or with some sort of put into practice such as a drumstick, to produce sound. Beat are the world’s oldest and most ever-present musical instrument, and the basic design has stay virtually unchanged for thousands of years.

The shield almost habitually has a circular notch over which the drumhead is stretched, but the shape of the remnants of the shell differ widely. In the western musical custom, the most usual figure is a drum, although timpani, for instance, use bowl-shaped shells. Other outline include a border design (tar), shortened cones (bongo drums), and joined shortened cones (talking drum).

Drums with cylindrical shells can be release at one end (as is the case with timbales), or can have two beat heads. Single-headed drums usually consist of a skin or other casing, called a head, which is extended over and with this space, or over one of the ends of an empty vessel.

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