Kenny Chesney’s Summer In 3-D

This April, Kenny Chesney will be on the big screen, and no, not the those big ones that you are used to seeing him on at his sold-out shows. The movie theater big screen, but it will be a lot like those big screens at the concert venue... the movie is titled "Kenny Chesney's Summer In 3-D."

This special event movie will bring Kenny Chesney's concert right to you in your local movie theater as a limited engagement. The 3D footage for the movie was shot over six nights in five locations -- Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Seattle, Foxboro, and Indianapolis -- using a total of 22 3D camera rigs.

The 3-D movie concert experience is set for release in April 2010. You can get more information and sign-up for alerts at for when tickets will go on sale in your area.

Sounds and looks very cool to me...

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