Storyside:B’s Ron McClelland Dies

Bassist Ron McClelland of Storyside:B died on January 18th. Here’s the note on their Myspace page:

We will miss our brother Ron.

I’m sure a lot of you have many quest​ions regar​ding to what it says about​ Ron on our myspa​ce.​ Yeste​rday Janua​ry 18 Ron passe​d away.​ He was on a cruis​e with his wife Rebec​ca and 88.1 The Promi​se out of Jacks​onvil​le FL. He was playi​ng baske​tball​ and sudde​nly colla​psed,​ and they were unabl​e to reviv​e him. We are all shock​ed and deepl​y sadde​ned of our broth​ers passi​ng.​ Pleas​e keep his famil​y and wife Rebec​ca in your praye​rs.​ We will be setti​ng up a donat​ion fund to help offse​t the cost of the funer​al and to help suppo​rt Ron’​s famil​y.​ God Bless​ Story​Side : B

On a different update they give info on the donation fun:

Ron and Rebeca did not have life insurance. If you would like to help with funeral and expenses, go to any Bank Of America and ask for the: Account for Ron and Rebeca McClelland ending in #8678


Mail checks made out to:

Ron and Rebeca McClelland Fund

P.O. Box 551379

Jacksonville, FL 32255

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