Taking Music to Hospital Patients

In 2002, Dr. Sickel began a pilot plan to bring music to El Camino Hospital. He arranged for a few solo musicians to play in special areas of the hospital for a pithy time. The response was awesomely encouraging, and music can now be heard around the hospital several hours a day, five days a week.

Today several professional musicians heave their solo instruments from ward to ward, playing in hallways and along bedsides for patients, staff and visitors. The soothing sounds of jazz and classical guitar, Celtic and double-strung harp, piano and voice create an out of blue warm space within the hospital environment.

* Jeff Buenz – Latin and jazz guitar and bass

* Peter Giordano – guitar, percussion and keyboard

* Barbary Grant – Celtic music and traditional song on the Irish harp

* Reta Phillips is a pianist, keyboardist, vocalist, composer and workshop catalyst.

* Dona Reyes – classical Spanish guitar music

* Verlene Schermer is an award-winning great singer

* David Snellbacher – guitar music including old English, Celtic, classical, traditional Christmas carols and contemporary music

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