Youngsters ‘picking up more keyboards and guitars’

A growing number of schoolchildren are opting to pick up instruments such as the drums and electric guitar , a new report has suggested.

According to research carried out by Professor Sue Hallam and Dr Andrea Creech of the University of London, the musical taste of young people is being dictated to an extent by what they hear on radio, television and over the internet.

"The impact of technology … has been profound, with some instruments becoming ‘endangered’ in schools while requests to play others, such as the electric guitar, electronic keyboards and kit drums, have increased dramatically," their report stated.

However, folk singer Dafydd Iwan told Wales Online that other musical instruments may yet regain their popularity as trends move in cycles and young people are often very responsive when exposed to different genres of music.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the Hard Rock Cafe in Cardiif has teamed up with children’s charity The Sparkle Appeal to encourage more people to donate their old musical instruments to the non-profit organisation’s new centre.

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