Dr. Dre Snapped Filming ‘Kush’ Music Video With spy Dogg

Just days after "Kush" was escaped, Dr. Dre was pictured on the downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, November 17 to shoot its music video. Snoop Dogg who lends his vocal on the track was seen on the set as well. Both of them looked causal with Dre in his white long-sleeved T-shirt and denims, and Snoop in his basketball T-shirt, jacket and a yellow "Sakana-kun" hat. The other featured guest, Akon, was nowhere to be seen although.

Although eager to promote the song, Dre actually was anxious with nowadays’ music leaks. "It’s a little bit unlucky with the technology today. (Kush) got leaked and it was a version of it that I really wasn’t happy about, (but) we’re going to go ahead and push it and put it out because everybody appears to like it. I just thought the content, it’s about weed smoking, and I don’t want people to think that that’s what my album is about. This is actually the only song with that type of content," he said.

Two other songs which have already been holded by music fans are Jay-Z-assisted track "Under Pressure" and Eminem-featured song "I Need a Doctor". Still, Dre needs "about two or three more songs" to get to "the finish line" of his much-delayed album "Detox".

"I’m seriously excited about it. It’s feeling good now. One of the reasons it was taking so long is because I felt like I was doing it more out of obligation as opposed to really feeling it. As of last year, I’ve been really feeling where it’s going and it feels good and I think I’m ready."

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