Update on: Red involved in serious car accident

Rock band Red was involved in a serious vehicle accident Tuesday, November 27, 2007, at approximately 6:30 AM CT. The band was heading west on Interstate 24, less than 20 miles from Nashville, Tenn., returning home from a concert in Hilton Head Island, S.C., the night before. Despite major damage to the band’s van and trailer, no serious injuries have been reported.

Update: Merely three days after a vehicle accident that completely destroyed the band’s van and trailer, rockers Red are back on the road, heading to its concert at the Sokol Auditorium in Omaha, Nebr. with Seether. Beyond some bumps and bruises, the band did not suffer any major injuries. All five members of Red are extremely thankful for all of the prayers and support during this time.

Second update: Randy recently spoke up about the accident in a MySpace page bulletin:

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to fill you all in on the latest. Since the news of the accident, emails and phone calls came pouring in so thank you all for your overwhelming support. We have recieved over 2000 emails so we will not be able to reply to them all but know that we will at least read them all.

I will not even begin to go into detail about our injuries because Kelly is the most important thing right now. We are banged up but Kelly will be off his feet for at least a month, maybe 2. He is in OK at a burn center. We talk to him every day and it has been difficult so far to carry on a converstion with him because of his pain medication, but he assures us that he is ok and he is in great spirits. He just wants to heal and get back to doing what he loves.

Alot of people want to know "what kind of band RED is" We are a group of guys that beileve in something bigger than all of us…someone who reveals himself to us in sometimes the most extreme ways…God. If that concerns you, we can’t apologize. We believe that it is he that allows us the life experiences that we all learn from and cherish enough to write songs about. Songs that will encourage others to get out of their own situations and find hope. It is supposed to be about the music!

What have we learned??? We have learned that life can be given and taken in a second. Life is a gift to be cherished with friends and family and we cant spend our time here hating and judging each other. Inspiring others to do something good is our business and you guys are our family out on the road. Gear is replaceable but people are not and when something really bad happens, our friends and family are who we call first.


**Be sure to visit the band’s MySpace page to watch a video about the accident, including footage from the scene.**

Read our interview with Red here.

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