Our Music Creates Happy Feelings

Music conveys musical traditions and cultures together – ancient and modern – black and white. The conventional rhythms and stories of DidgeriSTU’s Yadaki (didgeridoo) weave during pumping electronic beats, vocals, exotic woodwinds and world drumming – a unique fusion of organic world sounds and electronic music like no other.

Australian band Oka has been jointly and their music has growth as quickly as their grass roots following.

They started out with their first appearance album ‘Elements’, a soulfully rhythmic ode to freezing beats and luscious melodies overlaying the Yidaki (didgeridoo) at its heart. Then they pursue it up with ‘One Talk’, a more eclectic album traditionally and gradually. Now they’re on the road on the back of their funkiest LP, ‘Music creates Me Happy’.

While its release Music create Me Happy has turn into the customer choice.

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