Final chance to see Silence of the Music

Cape Town audiences have only one more week to knowledge the musical magic of Silence of the Music.

With a leading Cape Town daily giving the musical score a five-star rating and nightly standing ovations from audiences, Silence of the Music – the original South African musical drama – demonstrates its tagline that in a varied world, music does certainly fuse.

Directed by Basil Appollis, Silence of the Music premiered on September 23 at the Baxter Theatre to turbulent applause and a standing ovation. This audience reaction has become a nightly occurrence as the star-studded production enters its second and final week.

Critics and audiences alike have raved about the score composed by leading world music composer Lynne Holmes-Ganief of the Desert Rose music production company and the original soundtrack has been experiencing brisk sales only a week after its launch.

Holmes-Ganief’s musical score reflects the rich diversity of South Africa’s melting pot of cultural influences, merging classical, Eastern and African musical elements into contemporary melodic world music arrangements which drive the narrative of an intercultural love story set in South Africa.

The production’s stellar cast, headed by doyennes of stage and screen, Michele Maxwell and Farouk Valley-Omar, comprises award-winning musical actor Loukmaan Adams, popular TV heartthrob Keenan Arrison, top Bollywood singer Asmina Aleker, rising soprano Antoinette Blyth, leading actress and singer Nobuhle Ketelo, well-known TV personality and Hebrew vocalist Belinda Silbert, as well as Yusuf Ganief, the acclaimed Arabic vocalist who is the lead singer for Desert Rose.

Silence of the Music has evolved from a partnership between Appollis and Holmes-Ganief and the duo’s ground-breaking combination of drama and diverse musical styles is pioneering a new genre of theatrical entertainment that reflects a uniquely South African perspective.

Silence of the Music is being funded by a group of customers who have come together with a common vision to promote common humanity and peaceful co-existence amongst people through music and theatre.

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