B2ST displays dominance over Asian music fans through their first solo concert

Although they debuted only last year, B2ST was able to confirm their command of the Asian music market through their first-ever solo concert, held recently on December 12th.

B2ST opened their ‘Welcome to B2ST Airlines’ concert at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium, where fans from not only Korea, but also from Japan, China, Hong Kong and Thailand came together to form the 8,000-member audience for the event.

But that’s not all – according to a representative from their agency, Cube Entertainment, both Korean and overseas fans who were unable to grab a ticket stood outside the venue in the cold, listening to the music and waiting for the concert to end so that they may catch a glimpse of their idols’ faces as they walked out.

The representative stated, “The day before the concert (11th), 5-6 fans from Taiwan who were unable to buy a ticket came to the company building and asking if there was any way for them to purchase a ticket. These fans prepared themselves with blankets so that they could wait outside the venue in case somebody would come and say that they weren’t able to attend, and were consequently looking to sell their tickets.”

In the end, there were about 10 people who came to the venue trying to sell their ticket, and 5-6 of those tickets were bought by international fans. It wasn’t confirmed whether those fans were the same Taiwanese fans who came to the company building.

After the concert, B2ST headed off to a restaurant with their guest performers and fellow agency artists (G.na and 4minute) to celebrate the end of the concert. The fans somehow found out which restaurant they went to and waited outside once again just to see their faces. Around about 100 fans were still waiting, even past midnight.

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