Know about genesis of World Music Day

World Music Day, also recognized as Fete de la Musique, was a music festival that began in France in 1982. The thought was conceived by French Minister of civilization, Jack Lang, in 1981. World Music Day June 21st has been celebrated every year.

On this day, the musical group performs for free in open areas. Free concert are organized in parks, museums, train station, castles etc. This helps in creation all sorts of music accessible to the community. It gives a chance to commune and share a special relationship through music. There is no limit for noise on this day.

The word of ‘World Music’ includes both traditional as well as non-Western music. It is folk music of any culture, played by original people. It is also a classical music along with traditional cultural instruments. Some of them are – Tibetan `chants` Indian `raga` Japanese `Koto` music and South African `township` music.

World Music Day is famous in Argentina, Australia, Britain, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, and Costa Rica, China, India, Lebanon and several other countries. This is done to encourage peace and spread goodwill through music. Musicians from crossways the world is also invited to execute on World Music Day.

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