Newest Waterproof MP3 Music Player device

Here we are talking regarding new DigiFi Opera M7 Waterproof MP3 Music Player. This new MP3 player offers up to 12 hours battery support for non stop music playback. All music lovers wish their MP3 player provides utmost time for listening music and less wiring on their player and this is supply both to its users.

The DigiFi Opera M7 MP3 Music player supports Quick fantastic Charge Function that offers you charge your audio device in a few hours only, it also supports equalizers such as usual, bass, rock, traditional, pop and jazz. The Opera M7 able to play WMA, WAV, MP3 and APE auditory format files. The Opera M7 is obtainable in two dissimilar models 4GB and 2GB and its trade price is $51 and $42 respectively.

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