Outdoor melodic Sound Play Instruments

As we discussed a combine of days ago, I enjoy surfing woodworking sites on the internet, mainly because it is a good way to find motivation for projects. I came across one such location a few weeks ago, and was so impressed that I asked the master craftsman for an interview.

In this woodworking conversation, we sit down for a Q&A with Bond Anderson, Musician, Designer and Master Craftsman of Sound Play, Inc. Bond’s master’s degree in flute presentation finally led to an inspirational career structure playscapes and outdoor musical instruments with such varied wood stock as Redwood and Brazilian Ipe’.

Bond has spent more than 25 years as one of the minority builders of outdoor musical instruments in the United States. In our interview with the initiator of Sound Play Outdoor Musical Instruments, we discuss his instruments, inspirations and some very attractive (and laugh out loud funny) encounters along the way.

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