Big Daddy Weave releasing What Life Would be Like July 22

Celebrating a decade together as a band, Fervent Records’ Big Daddy Weave will release its fifth studio project, What Life Would Be Like, July 22.

While their previous and highly acclaimed album, Every Time I Breathe, was recorded to encourage people to view every moment as a chance to live in response to the greatness of God, What Life Would Be Like celebrates that response. Songwriter and frontman Mike Weaver further explains that the album’s content, including a cover of Phil Collins’ classic, “Another Day In Paradise,” was greatly influenced by a recent visit to poverty-stricken villages in Ecuador.

“God used that trip to re-ignite the fire in us as a group,” says Weaver. “We haven’t been the same since we got back. There is a passion that hasn’t been there before, and we know we will never see the potential unleashed as long as we hang on to our old ideas of what life and ministry and being the church is, rather than letting God just come and ‘be’ in us. I think the Lord really broke our hearts over who He loves, and that’s everybody.”

Because of Big Daddy Weave’s involvement with World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization that helps communities worldwide overcome poverty and injustice, the organization secured a grant that will provide poor villages $14 for every What Life Would Be Like CD sold. Fervent Records, along with other corporate entities, have partnered under the grant to help World Vision purchase and distribute food, water, clothing and medical supplies globally. The initiative will be supported at Christian retail and via an online campaign.

The first single and title track, “What Life Would Be Like,” has already gained momentum in just its second week at radio, claiming a total of 28 adds on stations across all formats.

What Life Would Be Like is produced by Big Daddy Weave member Jeremy Redmon, who also produced the band’s Fields of Grace, What I Was Made For and the 2007 album, Every Time I Breathe.

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Disc Musical Movement on TDM251 Battery Powered 22 Notes

The new battery motorized disc musical movement. It shows 120 mm music discs. The musical unit / group or instrument is powered by 3 volt (battery powered). This is a trendy musical movement with model makers and cupboard makers and has four threaded holes for fitment in to your own box.

The musical association is very easy to use, and has a musical variety of 22 notes.

The music plays as the disc revolves; gratify see below for a list of discs obtainable.

The musical group comes complete with battery possessor, switch and a cabling diagram and one disc. All you need to do is attach the wires fit the batteries, fix the movement into your plan, load the music disc and sit reverse and listen.

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ACE OF BASE New Band New Song !

After the leaving of Jenny Berggren from Ace Of Base, the band formed a new crew as it was planned with 2 new girls. Ulf and Jonas join the girls Clara and Julia and recorded a new song for Ace Of Base 2.0 called Mr. Replay in the usual swedish style. They promise to make a whole album.

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The Washington Projects release Christmas EP

Following the success of their debut release earlier this year, The Washington Projects (formerly Souljahz) are pleased to announce the release of their Christmas EP. The six-song release is available now through online digital outlets.

Click below to buy at iTunes:

Christmas features three original songs, “Stay A While”, “Thank You For Christmas” and “This Christmas” as well as three instrumental tracks. The EP showcases the vocal talents of the brother and sister duo, Je’kob and Rachael Washington with a solo performance by Je’Kob on “This Christmas”, a song written for his wife, and Rachael performs solo on “Stay A While”.

"Christmas has always been our favorite holiday and season, from what it represents to how it makes us feel,” Je’kob and Rachael explain. “We bump Christmas jams and literally celebrate it all year round so it was only a matter of time before we cranked out some warm and fuzzy goodness for our listeners.”

The EP is available exclusively through digital online outlets, iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon, as well as the Washington Projects’ website.

Released in March of this year, The Washington Projects’ debut project, Commanders of the Resistance has seen great success, garnering critical acclaim from many media outlets. The video for “Take it to the Streets” remained at #1 on the Gospel Music Channel for five weeks and the “You Are My World” video is currently in rotation and holding the #3 spot overall, #1 in the Soul Category.

In support of Commanders of the Resistance, Washington Projects were part of the Dare2Share Tour this past year with Hawk Nelson, Sanctus Real, Lincoln Brewster, Stellar Kart and others. In December of this year Washington Projects will go out on a USO Europe/Mediterranean Tour to support the troops. Tour dates will be announced soon.

For more information about The Washington Projects and their Christmas EP, please visit or

Read our interview with the Washington Projects here.

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Why Music Gives Some People Chills

Psychologists say some people get chills often when listening to music, but for others that rarely happens. Researchers Emily Nusbaum and Paul Silvia of University of North Carolina at Greensboro questioned students about how often music gave them chills, goosebumps or made their hair stand on end, in an effort to understand personalities.

Open Personality Types get Chills from Music

The authors write, "Although most people report having music-induced chills sometimes, some people never have them and other people have them incessantly; this wide variability invites the attention of personality psychology." They add, "In short, who tends to get chills from music, and why?"

The study, titled "Shivers and Timbres: Personality and the Experience of Chills From Music", explored the possibility that it is the music itself that send chills down the spine, related to variations in tempo, loudness, expansion of frequency range and shifts in energy.

They researchers assessed other variables, including genre of music, daily listening engagement, exposure to the arts and whether individuals had learned to play an instrument.

The study authors note …”people vary in what they like, yet everyone can love or hate music—but some people seem to never experience chills." The variability, they say can be "tremendous", leading them to the suspicion that getting chills in response to music has something to do with personality that has only been explored in a couple of studies.

What they found was that openness to new experiences was the best predictor of who is likely to react to music with chills. Individuals with an open personality also tended to listen to music more often and were more likely to play a musical instrument. The authors say it wasn’t because they listened to different kinds of music.

They say, “Findings like these are what the make the study of personality and music interesting—music is a human universal, but some people get a lot more out of it". The researchers also concluded, “…the wide variability in people’s chills experience—particularly the notable subset of people who never have them—suggests that individual differences deserve more attention.”

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Mark Schultz releasing new studio album in August!

Platinum-selling, Dove Award winning recording artist, Mark Schultz, releases his long-awaited, fifth studio album, Come Alive, Aug. 25 on Word Records. One of Christian music’s most acclaimed singer/songwriters, Schultz’s first new studio album in nearly three years is also his most personal recording to date, inviting listeners to “come alive” through these songs birthed by stories of hope, loss, joy and redemption.

New for Schultz, working with more than one or two producers for an album, Come Alive features the distinct and masterful touches from multiple GRAMMY Award winner Brown Bannister (Amy Grant, Third Day, CeCe Winans), Shaun Shankel (Beyoncé, Hilary Duff), Bernie Herms (Natalie Grant, Avalon) and Paul Mills (Third Day, Bluetree). The album also features collaborations with such hit making songwriters as Bart Millard and Barry Graul of Mercy Me, Matthew West, Joy Williams and Herms. The combination of talent and Schultz’s own vision for this album results in his most thought-provoking, musically diverse project to date.

“I would hope that when people listen to this CD they can identify with the struggles within the songs, but at the same time know that God is the same God through the struggles as He is during the triumphant moments. Christ, who began a good work, will finish a good work. It may not be on your own timeline or not even the way you imagined it, but He promises He will. There’s a bigger picture out of our control, but God has made these promises and I want to hold onto that.”

“He Is,” the first radio single from Come Alive to release July 10, is an expression of this hope that was inspired by the stories of two families battling cancer.

“Payton Cram was a girl who came to one of my concerts in Michigan with her dad,” recalls Schultz. “I was really amazed at her maturity for her young age, even as she had cancer. When the cancer started to get bad, I flew up and spent a day with her and prayed with her and her family. She was a beautiful girl. She was never going to blame God for her cancer. She never asked ‘Why me?’ She just always knew there was a bigger purpose in it.”

During the same time Payton was fighting cancer, Mark learned from his wife, Kate, about a missionary family whose fourth child was born on a Friday and on Sunday they found out the mother had terminal cancer. “The father of the family said, ‘Well, we can’t praise God on Friday and curse him on Sunday…We have to trust that He knows what’s going on,’ and that’s when the idea of ‘He Is’ was born,” says Schultz. “He is, He was and always will be. It’s a pretty important message–no matter what kind of rough road you are riding through.”

Another poignant song on the album, “What It Means to Be Loved,” is “the only song I’ve ever played in concert that received a standing ovation before the end of the first chorus was over,” recalls Schultz. Kate was again a source of inspiration for the song: “My wife said to me, ‘Since you are adopted, I think we should adopt kids too. I think we should adopt kids with special needs…maybe someday we adopt kids with special needs that doctors know are only going to live for a year or two,’” recalls Schultz. “I replied, ‘Honey, why would we do that?’ She answers, ‘Because, before they go to heaven, I want them to know what a great Christmas is like and what a great birthday is like and let them know they were loved well before they get to heaven.’ That’s the kind of wife I’m married to.”

This conversation was sparked by the story his wife told him about a family who was expecting a child and were told that tests revealed health issues that meant the baby probably wouldn’t live long. Although the doctor’s suggested terminating the pregnancy, the mother decided she would love the child as long as she could. Schultz channeled those emotions into the “What It Means to Be Loved” lyrics: I want to give her the world / I want to hold her hand/ I want to be her mom just as long as I can and live every moment until that day comes/ I want to show her what it means to be loved. Schultz’ clear, compelling voice conveys the sense of sadness, yet shares the spirit of hope and abundant love that lie at the heart of the song.

“As Christians, we are called to be love,” says Schultz. “If that means loving a baby that will be here seven minutes or 70 years, it doesn’t make any difference.”

Pulling from real life experiences for the new record, many of the songs on Come Alive were also inspired when Schultz rode his bicycle from coast to coast to raise over $250,000 to benefit the James Fund, which provides assistance for widows and orphans. Along the way he learned much about himself, the human condition and God’s sovereignty. Those revelations reverberate throughout his new album.

“The album is a powerful work of art, full of emotion and featuring the most prolific and moving work Mark Schultz has ever written,” says Mark Bright, Word Entertainment President and CEO. “His ability to capture life’s most fragile moments in song, and lead people closer to God by revealing His glory in every situation, is what makes Mark Schultz such a gifted artist.”

Taking the songs from Come Alive on the road, Schultz will debut new music and fan favorites on a 40-plus-city tour beginning with the festival circuit this summer and leading into his “Come Alive” tour featuring platinum-selling group Point Of Grace that launches Sept. 10 in Decatur, IL. For the latest list of tour dates, visit

Lauded at No. 1 on Billboard’s “Hot Christian Adult Contemporary Songwriters” list and with nine No. 1 radio hits, Schultz was the centerpiece of the U.S. Army campaign “Letters From War,” named Christian Music Today’s Male Vocalist in 2003, and featured on the national TV programs, 48 Hours, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, CNN and more. His 2005 release, Mark Schultz Live…A Night of Stories & Songs, sold RIAA certified Platinum and garnered Schultz his first GMA Dove Award.

For additional information on Mark Schultz, visit or

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New female duo Cadia releasing album Feb. 26

New Fervent Records female duo Cadia will deliver a pop/rock debut full of songs speaking to the reality of where young people live. Releasing Feb. 26, 2008, the new self-titled project offers songs of outward compassion, finding one’s identity as well as confidence in Christ, and God’s amazing redemption.

Produced by Otto Price (BarlowGirl, Sonicflood, dcTalk) and Rob Hawkins (pureNRG, Jackson Waters), Cadia presents an accessible pop sound that results in an infectious, passionate release packed with guitar-laden hooks and melodic piano pop sure to appeal to fans of ZOEgirl and Krystal Meyers.

The anthemic "Inside/Out," penned by Nichole Nordeman, captures the heart of Cadia as it sends a message of self-acceptance. The song and accompanying music video are the featured theme song/video for Women of Faith’s "Revolve Tour," geared toward teen girls.

"Most of these songs, like ‘Inside/Out,’ are our way of talking to God about the way we feel and the things we’ve been through," says group member Tori Smith. "But these are universal themes, more than just for young women. We are all trying to find out where we belong; we’re all looking for that unconditional love. The thing is, we already belong, we are already loved that way by God, and that is the message that Cadia shares."

"Cadia means ‘a place of peace,’ explains Courtney Myers. "Each song here is saying that there is a place of peace, a safe place to fall, in this life. We’re all trying to find ourselves, trying to hear God through all the noise, the pain, the insecurities, the lies people have told us about who we are and who we’re not. These songs are our way of saying, ‘You can let that all go and just give it to God. He is the source of peace. He is the One who made us. He doesn’t make mistakes.’"

The girls’ debut radio single, "Trust in Me Now," released to Christian Adult Contemporary and Christian Hit Radio on Jan. 4, 2008. The pair will additionally open for Avalon’s spring tour in 2008.

The duo looks to Philippians 4:6-7, "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus," as a verse to live by and encourages young women to do the same.

Visit Cadia online at their website and MySpace page.

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Attractive Snazzy Maracas Musical instrument

Children are obviously drawn to music. They love the aptitude to make lots of noise at the same time as expressing their opinion, feelings and emotions. Tap the tambourine, tremble those maracas, toot that screech or bash out a melody on the xylophone whatever the selected instrument music is a pleasant part of play, look and interaction. Our large range of instruments comprise bells, castanets, clackers, drums, maracas, rattles, tambourine, whistles and storm up music boxes these are all the perfect opening to music for young children.

A pair of attractive Snazzy Maracas. Shake fluster and roll. Make a few noises! Obtainable in a choice of 4 colors please specify a pair of colorful funky wooden toy maracas in various colorful designs. These made of wood musical instruments are outstanding for creative development, creative play and make a lovely rhythmic musical sound when shaken.

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Don’t miss the ‘Kids Day Out Music Festival’

The Kids Day Out Music Festival features a line-up of some of Australia’s most popular children’s entertainers and live stage shows, as well as giving your children the chance to meet their favorite characters.

Held at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre on February 26, the headliners include Hi-5, Ben 10, Yo Gabba Gabba, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Bob the Builder, Go Diego Go, Nickelodeon’s Slime Time Live, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Powerpuff Girls, The Simpsons and many more.

The kids will sing and dance along with their idols in three huge stadiums, with backstage meet-and-greets included in the ticket price. There will also be action centres, workshops and rides.

We are giving away six double passes to the event. Just tell us in 25 words your child’s favorite character and why. Entries close February 8. Winners will be notified mail. 

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Krystal Meyers song “Shine” released to radio

Pop artist Krystal Meyers made some big noise this week, as “Shine,” the first single from her September 16, 2008 release, Make Some Noise, received 9 CHR adds by its first week at radio. Meyers shares the inspiration behind the song that is making fast-impact. “That’s my favorite song on the record and it’s so fun to play live,” enthuses Meyers. “Recently, I’ve really learned that I have to be excellent in all that I do. I need to use the talents and opportunities that God has given me, to the fullest extent possible. The line from the song that says ‘nobody’s going to get in the way of my shine,’ definitely sums up what this song is about. I’m blessed to be on this exciting journey, and I’m not going to let anything get in the way of my shine.”

Download "Shine" at iTunes!

Read our interview with Krystal here.

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TIESTO The Remixed Single 2010

DJ Tiesto released digitally on 25 May 2010 the single EP – The Tube Remixed with about 20 remixes from different djs.

1. The Tube (Ville Lope Remix) 7:43

2. The Tube (Jan Peters Remix) 6:40

3. The Tube (Castra & Sovve Remix) 8:04

4. The Tube (Subtara Progressive Remix) 11:07

5. The Tube (Asbjorn Hegdahl Remix) 8:00 

6. The Tube (Vitodito Remix) 7:25

7. The Tube (Jimmy Galle Remix) 10:25

8. The Tube (David Folkebrant Remix) 8:43 

9. The Tube (Raneem Remix) 6:59

10. The Tube (Max Angel Remix) 7:47

11. The Tube (Subtara Remix) 9:32

12. The Tube (Thorin Remix) 8:19

13. The Tube (Damir Pushkar & Fabian Jakopetz Remix) 11:23

14. The Tube (Blufeld Remix) 7:13

15. The Tube (DJ Fire Remix) 8:07

16. The Tube (Nick Murray Remix) 6:47

17. The Tube (Rene Ablaze Remix) 7:25 4

18. The Tube (Nathan Profitt Remix) 9:06

19. The Tube (Domenico Cascarino & Luca Lombardi Elektro Acoustic Mix) 5:19

20. The Tube (Original Remastered Mix) 6:39

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C03 releases exlusive Christmas medley online

(NASHVILLE, TENN.) — In celebration of the Christmas season, Flagship Records pop-country duo CO3 has recorded a Christmas single, "Away In A Manger Medley," which will be available on December 1st at iTunes as well as through SNOCAP on their official MySpace page ( The song has also been released to Christian radio by Wendell Gafford at Creative Promotions, and it’s going for immediate adds.

Buy the medley at iTunes by clicking below:

"This started out as just an idea about trying to do the song ‘Away in a Manger’ in a fresh and different way, something that would be unique and in our style," says CO3′s Chad Little. "We sat down with the guitar and I started just playing that percussive rhythm. It really just kind of fell into place with the lyric. So we decided to mix it up with some other notable Christmas songs and that’s when the chorus from ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ jumped right out at us. Tagging the whole song with ‘Noel’ just felt right. Lyrically, to end with those words, ‘born is the King of Israel,’ really hammers home the Christmas message."

The Arkansas-based duo comprised of vocalist/guitarist Chad Little and vocalist/bassist/keyboardist Dave Romero has been making an impact on Christian music fans around the world, by blending remarkably rich harmonies and powerful production on their debut CD, Determined, which is in stores now. Produced by Rick Lloyd (Third Day), the album offers up twelve tracks of hope and encouragement, filled with rich harmonies and a pop-country edge reminiscent of Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood. And it’s not much of a surprise that the duo’s music often draws an immediate comparison to Carrie Underwood’s pop-tinged hits, since Little spent a considerable amount of time in the American Idol winner’s band, serving as lead guitarist, band leader and songwriter.

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Taylor Swift to Close Down CMA Music Fest

Taylor Swift will bring the drape down on this year’s CMA Music Fest.

Swift has been added to the Sunday lineup of the Nightly Concerts at LP Field for the June 9-12 fair in Nashville, Tenn.

Fans in Swift’s hometown will get to see a bit of the live show the 2009 Country Music Association performer of the year has been dispersal around the globe on tour this coil. Swift has been concerned in some way with the festival every year since 2006.

Sunday will be a runaway success night with Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton and Darius Rucker among the performers on the agenda.

Other performers scheduled Thursday through Saturday include Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, Zac Brown Band, Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban and Sheryl Crow.

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MJ’s estate to turn into music institute

New York: Late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s famous estate ‘Neverland Ranch’ may be turned into a haven for teenage musicians. Colony Capital, which owned the ranch before the pop singer’s untimely death, reportedly wants to turn the ranch into a music organization modelled after Juilliard, a music school in New York City, according to a website.

The plan is to teach writing and performing for many different types of music to teenagers. Since the pop star’s death, many interested parties have floated different ideas for Neverland Ranch.

"I think Michael’s history is world history and I think it would become the No. 1 attraction for the state parks if we could pull it off," a daily quoted California NAACP President Alice Huffman as telling The Sacremento Bee at that time.

Before the teens start flowing back into the ranch, Santa Barbara County reportedly has to approve the plan and Jackson’s estate must allow his name to be used to endorse the institute. "It’s an interesting idea. And we’d be open to it," said a rep for Jackson’s estate.

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Eminem 2010 MTV Video Music Awards Promo Video

2010 MTV Video Music Awards

Tags: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

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Traditional with Classical and rock music

Classical and rock music may not seem like a rational mix, yet from the Beatles forward, popular musicians have looked to classical music for motivation. Progressive rock bands such as Genesis and Yes utilize complex time signatures and active passages that at times seem more like the "long-haired" music of Beethoven and Mozart than fashionable rock and roll. Bands such as Pink Floyd and the Moody Blues have utilized symphony orchestras in their recording. Even Tom Petty has on the run amok orchestral versions of his big hits.

In this free series of music cross pollination videos, professional performer Scott Smith outlines the history of rock and classical music, and then discusses how these genres overlap. You will learn how to adapt melodic scores written for traditional classical instruments such as the harpsichord and organ to the contemporary electric instruments of rock and pop bands. He discusses how to change time signature and add the recognizable blues beat common to rock and roll music.

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New Relient K music coming soon

The guys are heading out on a string of spring/early summer tour dates so they can start playing some of their new songs live. As you may know, the band is in the final stages of recording their next (and sixth!) studio album, tentatively titled, Forget and Not Slow Down. This new one will be released on Mono Vs. Stereo – a label that they started which will run thru Gotee.

They’ve been giving fans a peek into the world of recording their new record via some studio updates that can be seen here:

Tour dates are as follows:

May 26 Pomona, CA The Glass House

May 27 Bakersfield, CA The Dome

May 28 Orangevale, CA The Boardwalk

May 29 Eugene, OR Indigo Distric

May 30 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom

May 31 Seattle, WA Neumo’s

June 2 Spokane, WA Knitting Factory

June 3 Boise, ID Knitting Factory

June 4 Salt Lake City, UT Murray Theatre

June 22 Ashville, NC Orange Peel

June 23 Raleigh, NC Lincoln Theatre

June 26 Rochester, NY Water Street

June 29 Green Bay, WI Riverside Ballroom

June 30 Duluth, MN Grandmas Sports Garden

July 2 Lawrence, KS Granada Theatre

July 3 Omaha, NE Slowdown

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Relient K & House of Heroes Christmas Songs Coming Nov. 18th

Relient K and House of Heroes bring their musical festive tidings to this year’s Christmas season on November 18th via digital music stores with three brand new holiday songs and an animated music video from Relient K, as well as label mates House of Heroes offering up their rendition of the classic “Silent Night”.

The three songs from Relient K will include “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” “O Holy Night,” and “Silver Bells,” with an animated music video for the song “Sleigh Ride” coming as well. The Christmas anthems will be added to the platinum-selling band’s 2007 album, Let It Snow, Baby…Let It Reindeer, and upon purchasing online the customer will given a unique code and directions to download the additional three tunes. Fans can also anticipate extra gifts from Relient K upon purchase, including exclusive photos, downloadable wrapping paper, and a few other bonuses.

House of Heroes brings their powerhouse pop sound to “Silent Night” which is also available at all online music outlets on November 18th. The band, whose most recent album The End Is Not The End was delivered via digital stores, has seen an incredible response with the release making it to the #6 spot on the iTunes rock chart and #42 on the overall chart, with a #1 radio hit single and over 1 million plays on their MySpace page.

Relient K, who has toured with the likes of Switchfoot and Good Charlotte, has a GRAMMY nod, and three RIAA-certified Gold albums to their credit. The pop-punk band has performed on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” with their video for “Must Have Done Something Right” receiving airplay on mtvU, MTV Hits, FUSE’s "Steven’s Untitled Rock Show," Nickelodeon’s The N, IMF and Music Choice. Relient K is comprised of lead singer/guitarist/pianist Matt Thiessen, lead guitarist Matt Hoopes, drummer Ethan Luck, bassist John Warne and guitarist Jon Schneck.

House of Heroes’ discography includes a 2005 self-titled debut and the re-release Say No More in 2006. Prior to signing a record deal with Mono Vs Stereo/Gotee, the band released an indie project What You Want Is Now (2002) to much critical acclaim and a large grassroots following. On the tour front, House of Heroes has opened up for the likes of Filter, Silverchair, Relient K, and MxPx, as well as full-blown tours with acts including Spoken, The Evan Anthem, Last Tuesday, Dropping Daylight, Love Arcade, and Kids In The Way. The band is Columbus-Ohio natives Tim Skipper (guitar/lead vocals), A.J Babcock (bass/vocals), Colin Rigsby (drums/vocals), and Jared Rigsby (guitar/vocals).

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Youngsters ‘picking up more keyboards and guitars’

A growing number of schoolchildren are opting to pick up instruments such as the drums and electric guitar , a new report has suggested.

According to research carried out by Professor Sue Hallam and Dr Andrea Creech of the University of London, the musical taste of young people is being dictated to an extent by what they hear on radio, television and over the internet.

"The impact of technology … has been profound, with some instruments becoming ‘endangered’ in schools while requests to play others, such as the electric guitar, electronic keyboards and kit drums, have increased dramatically," their report stated.

However, folk singer Dafydd Iwan told Wales Online that other musical instruments may yet regain their popularity as trends move in cycles and young people are often very responsive when exposed to different genres of music.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the Hard Rock Cafe in Cardiif has teamed up with children’s charity The Sparkle Appeal to encourage more people to donate their old musical instruments to the non-profit organisation’s new centre.

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Jeremy Camp launches “Speaking Louder” Ministries

Staying true to his heart and passion with the recent release, "Speaking Louder Than Before," BEC Recordings Artist Jeremy Camp launches new ministry aptly titled "Speaking Louder Ministries." The debut of this ministry is a direct correlation to the November 2008 release, which has already sold more than 120,000 units. In addition, digital downloads exceeding 100,000 singles of the emotional radio hit song "There Will Be a Day," which resonated strongly with listeners. This week the song remained at No. 1 for the 13th week at AC Indicator. It also stayed at No. 1 for 9 weeks at CHR.

The purpose behind "Speaking Louder Ministries" is two-fold: Bringing a raised awareness to the local outreaches in the cities that Jeremy Camp performs. Secondly, helping equip the church body and local community to get involved in ministry together impacting the needs of their community.

Last weekend marked the first outreach in the local markets for Speaking Louder Ministries. Jeremy performed concerts in Sioux Falls, SD, Minneapolis, MN, and Fargo, ND. At each local level, the partners with Speaking Louder promoted the concert and a local organization to meet the needs of the community. Through the site, volunteers were recruited and greeted concertgoers collecting the goods that were requested for the organization.

In Sioux Falls, SD, the Speaking Louder Ministries raised awareness for the McCrossan Boys Ranch. This boys’ ranch houses more than 60 young men ranging from ages 10-17 years old, who have been displaced by family or lost a parent. After visiting the ranch, Camp and the volunteers gathered winter clothes for the boys at the concert that evening.

The following night in Minneapolis, MN, the ministry joined with the Minneapolis Children’s Hospital. Camp visited with the children and families as well as performed songs at the hospital. The community was asked to bring Valentines of some form (stuffed animal, card, candy, etc). The overwhelming response generated in more than 30,000 Valentine’s items being donated. Such a huge amount collected that the local radio station KTIS was able to take items to needy schools and daycares. Finally in Fargo, ND, Churches-United Homeless Shelter received more than 1,000 pounds of food donated through the concert.

This ministry will be an ongoing outreach to the communities Jeremy Camp visits throughout the year and specifically as he tours in the fall. Beginning March 17th in Billings, MT, Jeremy will be touring on The Rock & Roll Worship Roadshow featuring MercyMe, Hawk Nelson and Tenth Avenue North and Addison Road. Tour dates found on Jeremy’s site.

Speaking Louder Than Before: The pinnacle of 2008 for this male vocalist was releasing his fifth studio album co-produced by himself and Brown Bannister. The album debuted on Billboard 200 at No. 38 along with the No. 1 new release on the Billboard Christian chart after street week. Digital purchases shot "Speaking Louder Than Before" to No. 11 on the overall iTunes chart and No. 1 on the Christian albums chart. Billboard also labeled this album as his "best work to date," which clearly fans agree as it has moved his career sales to over three million units.

About Jeremy Camp: Since his debut BEC Recordings’ project in 2002 (Stay), Jeremy Camp has made a definitive mark in the industry with his ability to compose hit songs and capture audiences of all ages selling more than three million records. Following his Gold-selling debut, Camp has released four additional studio projects (Carried Me: The Worship Project, Restored, Beyond Measure and Speaking Louder Than Before), which have garnered a total of three RIAA Gold-Selling albums. With 17 career No. 1 radio hits under his belt, Jeremy Camp is clearly a powerhouse on the radio waves nationwide across all formats (CHR, AC, INSPO, and Rock). Jeremy is now the artist with the most consecutive No. 1 singles at AC Monitored since 2003 when R&R began their Christian chart. He also received the No. 2 Song of the Year in 2008 with "Let it Fade," which remained in that No. 1 position for more than 10 weeks. His most recent single "There Will Be A Day" hit the top on three formats on AC Indicator, CHR and AC Monitored. Jeremy Camp has also been honored with multiple Dove-nominations and five awards, a 2007 American Music Award nomination, and three-time ASCAP Christian Music Awards "Songwriter of the Year" (2008, 2006, 2005) winner including "Song of the Year" (2006). In 2008, Jeremy Camp was voted for the fifth consecutive year in a row by readers on Christianity Today’s music site as the "Best Male Artist."

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‘How Great Thou Art’ – Carrie Underwood’s

It’s no surprise that country music fans were expecting the TV special Girls Night Out: Superstar Women of Country, which was ribbon at the 2011 Academy of Country Music Awards weekend earlier this month and aired Friday night on CBS. However, it was a gospel song do at the show that unexpectedly crossed all boundary lines and created a viral sensation over the weekend.

Carrie Underwood was just one of many enormous names in the all-star lineup, but her duet with Vince Gill of the classic normal "How Great Thou Art" managed to bring down the entire house–and internet, at that.

If that weren’t enough, the video of the presentation has received nearly a million views, and has drawn extraordinarily high praise–with comments ranging from "Wow! God was in the house," "I am not a Christian but this is truly good-looking," "She is an angel" to "This is the most moving version of that song I have ever heard," "She rocks ‘em and socks ‘em," "I’m speechless."

One user even went where most dare not tread, and contrasted Underwood to the King himself–"I thought that nobody could come shut to live this song like Elvis did during hisconcerts. I was wrong; Carrie put her heart and soul into this amazing version!"

Underwood and Gill’s fellow stars in the audience appeared moved by the presentation, as well. Martina McBride stares fascinated at the stage, the ordinarily humorous Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert watch respectfully, while Sugarland’s Kristian Bush nods his head and Jennifer Nettles mouths "What a voice." 

After drumming the final, climactic notes, Underwood wrapped the powerful presentation up with a hug for Gill. Then, she wiped away a few tears…and faced a standing ovation from her peers. How great, indeed.

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New Justin Timberlake Song ‘Take You Down’ Leaks

Justin Timberlake has said over and over again that he’s not set to record a new album. However, that hasn’t stopped the pop star-turned-actor from hitting the studio for collaborations with other artists and doing some recording here and there for him. His latest musical serving to mollify his hungry fans is a track called "Take You Down," which leaked online Thursday (December 30).

"I’ve seen my magic/ What’s your looks and your religion?/ And I want you to understand that I can make you feel better/ So it’s me and you, my place, sexiness all day/ I’mma do whatever you like, if you cater to me all night, girl," he sings during the second poetry.

In addition to production credits, various Internet blogs have reported that "Take You Down" may in fact be a demo as opposed to one of the 29-year-old’s own songs.

Timberlake recently spoke to the Los Angeles Times about fans who feel like the star has neglected his musical calling. "They’re looking at me like, ‘Why aren’t you waiting with one path?’ “he said. "They look at me like I’m ungrateful for my music career because I want to do film."

Until JT feels ready to hit the studio to record the follow-up to 2006′s FutureSex/LoveSounds, fans will have to make do with the singer’s scarce musical ventures. His next offering may be a collaboration with Drake, who recently revealed, "I’ve always wanted to work with him, and it’s in the works right now: Me and Justin Timberlake will probably have a song soon."

What do you think of "Take You Down"? Give us your review in the comments section below!

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Origination Of Music

DARWIN’S theory states that music had its – starting point "in the sounds made by the half-human progenitors of man during the season of courtship" seems for many reasons to be scarce and flawed. A much more conceivable explanation, it seems to me, is to be found in the theory of Theophrastus, in which the origin of music is featured to the whole range of human emotion.

When an animal sheers a cry of joy or pain it articulates its emotions in more or less clear-cut tones; and at some remote period of the earth’s history all primeval mankind must have expressed its emotions in much the same manner. When this inarticulate speech developed into the use of confident sounds as symbols for emotions – emotions that or else would have been expressed by the natural sounds juncture by them —then we have the beginnings of speech as distinguished from music, which is still the universal language. In other words, thinker development begins with articulate speech, leaving music for the phrase of the emotions.

To be a sign of the sounds used to express emotion, if I may so put it, is to weaken that expression, and it would naturally be the strongest emotion that would first feel the inadequacy of the new-found speech. Now which is the mankind’s strongest emotion? Even in the nineteenth century Goethe could say, "’Tis fear that constitutes the god-like in man." Undoubtedly before the Christian era the soul of mankind had its roots in fear. In our superstition we were like children beneath a great tree of which the upper part was as a fuzzy and mesmerizing mystery, but the roots holding it firmly to the ground were tangible, palpable facts.

The primordial savage, looking at the world subjectively, was merely part of it. He might love, hate, threaten, kill, if he willed; every other creature could do the same. But the wind was a great spirit to him; lightning and thunder endangered him as they (lid the rest of the world; the flood would destroy him as ruthlessly as it tore the trees asunder. The elements were breathing powers that had nothing in common with him; for what the brains cannot explain the power of imagination magnifies.

Fear, then, was the burly emotion. Therefore assisting aids to express and cause fear were necessary when the speech symbols for fear, drifting further and further away from expressing the actual thing, became words, and words were inadequate to express and cause fear. In that formless groping for sound symbols which would cause and express fear far better than mere words, we have the beginning of what is gradually to develop into music.

We all know that savage nations convoy their dances by striking one object with another, sometimes by a jangling of stones, the pounding of wood, or perhaps the clashing of stone spearheads against wooden shields (a custom which extended until the time when shields and spears were discarded), meaning thus to express something that words cannot. This meaning altered naturally from its original one of being the simple expression of fear to that of welcoming a chieftain; and, if one wishes to push the theory to excess, we may still see a shadowy nostalgia of it in the manner in which the violinists of an orchestra applaud an honored guest — perchance some famous virtuoso — at one of our symphony concerts by striking the backs of their violins with their bends.

To go back to the savages. While this clashing of one object against another could not be called as the beginning of music, and while it could not be said to originate a musical instrument, it did, nonetheless, bring into existence music’s greatest prop, rhythm, an ally without which music would seem to be impossible. Suffice it to say that the sense of rhythm is highly urbanized even among those savage tribes which stand the lowest in the scale of civilization to-day, for instance, the Andaman Islanders, of whom I shall speak later; the same may be said of the Tierra del Fuegians and the now extinct aborigines of Tasmania; it is the same with the Semangs of the Malay Peninsula, the Ajitas of the Philippines, and the savages inhabiting the interior of Borneo.

Up to this point it is reasonable to assume that primordial man looked upon the world purely subjectively. He considered himself merely a unit in the world, and felt on a plane with the other creatures dwelling it. But from the moment he had invented the first musical instrument, the drum, he had created impressive outside of nature, a voice that to himself and to all other living creatures was elusive, an idol that spoke when it was touched, some-thing that he could call into life, something that shared the supernatural in common with the elements. A God had come to live with man, and thus was unfolded the first leaf in that venerable tree of life which we call religion.

Man now began to feel himself something apart from the world, and to look at it impartially instead of intuitively.

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